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Date February 21, 1984
City Dayton, OH
Venue Hara Arena
Headline KISS
Support Black N Blue
Ticket $11.00

This was the inaugural tour for the new-look KISS, unmasked. In the 1970s, this was the step they promised would never happen, but it helped to temporarily jump-start their career and credibility in the 80's, along with hot new licks from Vinnie Vincent. Taking off the make up and heavy costumes gave the band new energy on stage. It must have been a relief to not have to put the make-up on every night too. The result was Paul Stanley was athletic and energetic as ever, running and jumping all over the place. It was as though they were unleashed from their past trappings, yet had the classic KISS musical repertoire to back them up.

Creatures Of The Night
Detroit Rock City
Cold Gin
Fits Like A Glove
Gimme More
War Machine
I Love It Loud
I Still Love You
Drum Solo
Young And Wasted
Love Gun
All Hell's Breakin' Loose
Black Diamond
Lick It Up
Rock And Roll All Nite.

Tommy Thayer of Black N Blue would go on to later have a number of associations with KISS. First as a Tour Manager on the KISS Farewell Tour with original members Gene, Ace, Paul and Peter. After Ace departed again, Tommy Thayer assumed the Spaceman role and has now held that position longer than Frehley's tenure.


Date April 13, 1984
City Cincinnati, OH
Venue Riverfront Col.
Headline YES
Support N/A
Ticket $12.75

When the house lights were dimmed, the audience was treated to a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, projected on a large cinematic screen before the band took to the stage. Touring in support of their release, 90125, this was the rejuvenated, 1980's Yes, featuring Trevor Rabin instead of the departed Steve Howe on guitar. Tony Kaye returned to replace Rick Wakeman on keyboards, Alan White, Jon Anderson and Chris Squire anchored the lineup. Yes was fully prepared to move into a new era, changing the sound, the album art direction and embracing video and other technology. The result was very successful, evidenced by concert ticket sales. The show itself demonstrated a new laser light show, complete with midair graphics rendered high above the audience. Obviously the set list concentrated on the many singles from the new album, but also offered a number of classics, which newcomer Trevor Rabin handled very well.

Leave It
Yours Is No Disgrace
Hold On
I've Seen All Good People
Keybord Solo
Solly's Beard
And You And I
Make It Easy
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
It Can Happen
Long Distance Runaround
Whitefish/Amazing Grace
City Of Love

Starship Trooper

Date June 07, 1984
City Cincinnati, OH
Venue Cincinnati Gardens
Support Icehouse
Ticket COMP

Originally billed as David Gilmour w/sg Ice House, but the opening act did not appear. I won these tickets at a nightclub near the UC campus. The place was called Burgundy's. It was an art contest of sorts to see who could draw a picture representing what a Pink Floyd might look like if in fact there was such a thing. I had drawn this picture of a guy blowing his mind, his face expressing craziness. By show of crowd applause, I won the tickets, along with a bunch of promotional stuff for the movie, Streets of Fire. Since the concert was held near the end of the school year, it was difficult finding anyone to go to the show, because everyone was busy studying for finals. I didn't care, at the time it didn't appear as though Pink Floyd would ever tour again and I wasn't going to miss what appeared at the time to be a rare opportunity. So, I had this problem, everybody was studying and I didn't have transportation. Bus routes to and from the venue weren't an option. I found someone who could go from the art school and he had a car, a fair trade I thought. Gilmour's band was outstanding. They performed many songs from Gilmour's two solo efforts, saving two Pink Floyd numbers for the encores. Comfortably Numb had the sold out crowd on it's feet.

Until We Sleep
All Lovers Are Deranged
Love On The Air
Out Of The Blue
Let's Get Metaphysical
You Know I'm Right
Blue Light

Run Like Hell
Comfortably Numb


Date June 30, 1984
City Indianapolis, IN
Venue Ind. Sports Center
Support N/A
Ticket $12.50

In college, I was becoming increasingly exposed to more types of music. I had tried to listen to the Dead while in high school, but it wasn't my thing. I recall borrowing Grateful Dead records from the public library, classics such as Blues For Allah, Bear's Choice, and Terrapin Station. I just didn't get it then. Having admired the album art over the years, I figured there had to be more to this band. Today, of course I see things differently, but I didn't get it in the years before this concert. The Indianapolis Sports Center was among my favorite venues in Indianapolis. They formerly held the Clay Court Tennis Tournament there and the courts were surrounded by these giant clay pots filled with red geraniums. That was a perfect setting for the deadheads. This particular show was a lackluster performance. Grateful Dead tape traders essentially confirm the same. As a band, it just never seemed like they caught fire all night. This wasn't one of the best shows for the Grateful Dead.

SET 1:
Jack Straw
Dire Wolf
Minglewood Blues
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Far From Me
Ramble On Rose
Saint Stephen

SET 2:
Shakedown Street
Playin' In The Band
Terrapin Station
Playin' In The Band
Stella Blue
One More Saturday Night

Day Job


Date Sept 24, 1984
City Cincinnati, OH
Venue Riverbend
Support Jesse Colter
Ticket $10.00

I don't think you'll ever see the same version of Neil Young two tours in a row. For this outting, he had decided to go country, but not really truly country. A country-fied version of Powderfinger just wasn't the same without Crazy Horse, but enjoyable. The country songs lacked authenticity, in fact when you listen to Old Ways, it just kind of sounds campy. Neil Young seemed lost in time, but then the same could be said for most of the material he recorded while at Geffen. This was a late September outdoor concert, drenched in a heavy autumn rain storm. We had lawn seats, but snuck into the pavilion to keep dry. There were plenty of seats, because a lot of fans were leaving midway through the show. I presume this might have been because the past few times Young performed Cincinnati, his shows were relevant and memorable for all the right reasons. The coolest part though was that at the end of the show, the house lights came on and people were leaving. Show was over. But not so. A gathering of boats had assembled along the banks of the river immediately behind the amphitheatre. The house lights went dark again and Neil returned to the stage to do an inspired electric version of Down By The River. This saved the entire show for me. Rain, cold, harvesters - yuck. But that version of Down By The River was killer!

Are You Ready For The Country?
Love Is A Rose
Comes A Time
Hawks And Doves
Bound For Glory
Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
Amber Jean
Heart Of Gold
Too Far Gone
Roll Another Number
Southern Pacific
The Needle And The Damage Done
California Sunset
It Might Have Been
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Soul Of A Woman
Field Of Opportunity
Old Man
Get Back To The Country
Four Strong Winds

Down By The River


Follow-Up: 06/14/2011 Neil Young Archive Records released "A Treasure" - a concert recording from the International Harvesters Tour which is pretty similar to this show.
Date November 03, 1984
City Cincinnati, OH
Venue Cincinnati Gardens
Support Ratt
Ticket $12.50

The formula was simple and straight forward for Billy Squier. The plan was to lead with a strong support act and then the headliner brings the house down. That's what Squier learned when he toured as an opening act for Foreigner and Queen. That's what worked when Def Leppard opened for Squier last year. Among the new breed of LA bands, Ratt was emerging quickly on the wings of their debut release, Out Of The Cellar. This record demonstrated a certain energetic style with solid rock melodies. Songs like Round And Round were popular on FM rock radio. Their slogan was "Ratt & Roll" which worked well for merchandising. They were on their way up, however the headliner was on his way down. It would turn out to be the last time I saw Billy Squier. To his credit, this was a solid concert. It was energy charged and full of hits, not unlike past concerts, with the addition of some new material from Signs Of Life. Unfortunately, it just wasn't as good as he had been the year before and Ratt ended up stealing the show.

All Night Long
In the Dark
All Night Long
Whadda You Want From Me
Learn How to Live
My Kinda Lover
She's a Runner
Lonely Is the Night
Everybody Wants You
┬Ěhe Stroke
Rock Me Tonite

Reach for the Sky
(Another) 1984



Date November 07, 1984
City Cincinnati, OH
Venue Cincinnati Gardens
Support Krokus
Ticket $12.50

The album VOA will forever be remembered for the single, I Can't Drive 55. Some might argue that Sammy Hagar's career will be anchored by that song. It was here that Sammy Hagar became a love or hate household name. By now, Hagar's live show had plenty of solo and old Montrose material to draw from. Fans were treated to old classics such as Rock Candy and Bad Motor Scooter, as well a greatest hits of his 80's material. Krokus was also beginning to peak at this time and their One Vise At A Time LP was a solid improvement over past releases.

Trans Am
This Planets On Fire
Dick In The Dirt
I Don't Need Love
Three Lock Box
Babys On Fire
Two Sides Of Love
I Can't Drive 55
Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
I'll Fall In Love Again
Red / Rock N Roll
Remember The Heroes
The Girl Gets Around
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Heavy Metal
Theres Only One Way To Rock

Wild Thing
Summertime Blues
Whole Lotta Love

Long Stick Goes Boom
Eat The Rich
Midnite Maniac
Night Wolf
Rock The Nation
American Woman
Screaming In The Night


Date December 13, 1984    
City Dayton, OH    
Venue Hara Arena    
Headline KISS    
Support Queensryche, Heaven
Ticket $10.00    

I remember hearing Heaven's On Fire on the radio for the first time. My friend Andy (not a Kissfan) was impressed by the intro vocal. I wouldn't rate most of the other tracks on Animalize as strong as Heaven's On Fire, but a worthwhile effort nonetheless. This was Kiss' second outting without make-up and their third lead guitarist change. Mark St John replaced Vinnie Vincent amid rumors that Vincent was fired. Mark St John supposedly had the unfortunate circumstance of arthritis in his hands and was unable to play most of the live dates on the tour. Bruce Kulick then became the group's fourth guitarist and played with them at this concert. With the addition of new songs to the set list, the show was quite similar to the Lick It Up tour.

Detroit Rock City
Cold Gin
Creatures Of The Night
Fits Like A Glove
Heaven's On Fire
Thrills In The Night
Under The Gun
War Machine
Drum Solo
Young And Wasted
I Love It Loud
I Still Love You
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Oh Susannah
Lick It Up
Rock And Roll All Nite.

With extra media coverage on KISS, this was a big opportunity for new acts as well. Queensryche brought an all new metal sound and many might say this was their most classic period. I thought they were OK, but definitely a new sound at that time. Heaven was an interesting addition to the fracas. They were an Aussie metal act that managed a little bit of brief exposure in the United States with a single and video of their Bob Dylan cover, Knocking On Heaven's Door - which for my money never needed to be recorded in the first place, much less cover after cover as it would seem.